Get to Know Your New Community

Every individual who joins this extraordinary community changes our ecosystem in a positive way, with each addition making MIT a different, richer place. The extent of your impact, of course, is entirely up to you. Our job is to give you the tools you need to make your mark within this dynamic community.

Below are a few essential MIT links to help get you started.

About MIT

Learn about the Institute’s mission, explore its rich legacy of achievement, and uncover facts and trivia to round out your knowledge of the community.


The Institute calendar catalogs all the events happening on campus.


A comprehensive, alphabetical listing of links to all the offices and resources on campus.


A global look at the Institute from every angle—including the number of books in MIT's libraries to the number of square feet in the fitness center. But it's not just about numbers. Leaders, laboratories, logistics—they're all here, too.

MIT Home Page

The MIT home page is the virtual village green of the Institute, the central portal to everything happening at MIT. Unlike most home pages, it's a morphing and evolving environment with new information and images every day.


Information Services and Technology is the headquarters of MIT’s resident computing experts and the place to go for help with campus computers and telephones.


Find what you're looking for by building number or name. Locate streets and landmarks ... even places to eat or to access the wireless network.

Rewards & Recognition

We know it's important to be recognized for achievements, to know that one's contributions matter to the organization, and to have the opportunity for growth and professional development.

Watch this video to learn how MIT's Rewards and Recognition program highlights the exceptional work being done at the Institute. 


Visit this portal for an easy-to-use guide for MIT staff, with information on getting around, taking care of business, managing your benefits, connecting with colleagues and more.