Finding Your Way

Need MIT news? A commuting plan? A translation guide for MIT lingo? This section is here to help.

Getting Around helps you to do just that with links to a comprehensive campus map, as well as parking and transportation information and a mobile app with regular campus updates.

Speaking of campus updates, our News section provides several resources for you to stay up-to-date with campus events, research, links to MIT publications, and MIT’s own version of YouTube.

Jargon allows you to navigate the new language you might hear, so you’ll soon know the difference between IAP, IS&T, and UROP.

Find helpful tips in Staying Safe and all you’ll ever need to know about key Institute policies and procedures in Policies.

Can’t find what you need? Check in with your manager or Human Resources.

MIT Mobile App

Get essential MIT information and services anytime, anywhere on your mobile device. Find people, places, events, course news, shuttle schedules, and more. 

MIT Holidays

See the official list of recognized Institute holidays and the dates on which they are observed.

MIT Organization Chart

Learn who's who in senior leadership at MIT.