You don’t have to be on campus for very long to know that MIT has its own alphabet soup of acronyms, tech talk, and related terminology. The following sites should help ease your way into this unique land of language, libraries, research, and technical support.


Bewildered by the barrage of abbreviations, lingo, and jargon you hear on campus? Learn your MIT ABCs with this online Acronym Guide that includes hundreds of handy translations.


MIT's own computing environment, Athena is the virtual world to which all MIT computers are connected. The more than 14,000 users have access to software that can help write papers, create graphs, analyze data, communicate with colleagues, and even play games.

The Coop

The MIT branch of the Harvard/MIT Cooperative Society has been the official campus store since 1916 and still only charges $1 for membership. More than just a campus bookstore, this is the go-to place for MIT memorabilia and pays back customers through an annual rewards program for members.


An online library of MIT research that captures, preserves, and shares the Institute's intellectual output. Includes an ever-growing collection of peer-reviewed articles, technical reports, working papers, theses and more.


Online supply channel that allows you to order directly from outside vendors who partner with MIT and often offer discount pricing.


Every January, Independent Activities Period (IAP) offers the MIT community hundreds of serious—and highly whimsical—learning experiences. Students, faculty, staff, and alumni are all welcome to plan or participate in workshops, lectures, and nearly every possible other activity you might imagine, including charm school!


Information Services and Technology, MIT's resident computing experts, offers extensive resources and keeps channels of online communication flowing. IS&T will also open up a world of access for employees to connect to the MIT network from work or home, to access software, create a data backup plan, and much more.


Systems Applications and Products (SAP) is a set of online financial and administrative tools that unify and standardize most of MIT's official paperwork.


Through UROP—the Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program—students have the opportunity to work alongside faculty on leading-edge research across campus. In existence since 1969, UROP epitomizes MIT’s motto of mens et manus—mind and hand—and learning by doing.